Terms & COnditions

The Hirer accepts responsibility for every person in his or her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as detailed below:-


  • A Non-refundable deposit of £100 must be paid to secure a booking, which will be deducted from the balance in full.
  • Full payment must be made to Logybear Campervan Hire at least 6 weeks before the hire date. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the booking.
  • Payment in full is required at time of booking if the hire date is within 6 weeks.
  • Payment can be made via card, cheque, cash or bank transfer. Credit cards are subject to a 3% charge.
  • Reservations will be con rmed in writing by Logybear Campervan Hire once a deposit has been received.

Cancellation Charges

  • If a cancellation is made the deposit of £100 will not be refunded.
  • If a cancellation is made with more than 6 weeks before the hire date then the balance minus the £100 deposit will be refunded.
  • If a cancellation is made within the 6 weeks of the hire date there will be no refund given to cover loss of earnings.

Vehicle Availability

  • Logybear Campervan Hire cannot accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions, or acts by other persons or organisation which may impact adversely on the Hire Date. All will be done to maintain appropriate standards despite dif culties outside Logybear Campervan Hire’s control.
  • Bookings can be made for winter months however the Hirer should make alternative provision if the vehicle is unable to attend due to adverse weather such as snow or icy driving conditions. A full refund will be given only in these circumstances.
  • Logybear Campervan Hire will not accept responsibility for unavailability of any Vehicle due to breakdown, traf c congestion or accident. Logybear Campervan Hire will not be liable for any losses, missed connections or functions however caused.

Vehicle Damage

  • The Hirer is fully responsible and liable for any damage caused whatsoever inside or outside the vehicles by themselves or any member of their party on the Hire Date. The Hirer is liable for the total cost of the repair at a garage speci ed by Logybear Campervan Hire. In addition the Hirer will reimburse Logybear Campervan Hire for loss of bookings whilst the Vehicle is out of commission.
  • The Hirer will levy a £100.00 valeting charge if any vehicle is misused through food, drink or illness to rectify the damage caused.

Personal Belongings

  • Logybear Campervan Hire do not accept responsibility for any personal belongings left in any Vehicle. The Hirer must ensure that all possessions belonging to the Hirer or any of his/her party are removed at the end of the Hire Date.
  • Responsibility will not be accepted for the holding/storing or safeguarding of any items left in the vehicles.

Seatbelts and Restraints

  • Campervans are tted with 2 lapbelts in the rear. Due to the age of the vehicles the wearing of seatbelts in the rear is not compulsory.
  • Children must remain seated at all times for their own safety and for the safety of the driver.
  • No child under the age of 3 can be carried anywhere in the campervan due to seatbelt regulations.


  • Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle at any time whatsoever


  • Logybear Campervan Hire may from time to time take photographs at your event which may be used in marketing materials or their own website. If you object to this please advise us at the time of booking.
  • As a courtesy we ask the Hirer to liase with their Photographer to ensure photographs are taken with the vehicles as soon as is convenient after the ceremony in order not to subject the Hirer to further time charges.


  • A maximum of 6 passengers can be carried in each of the campervans and 3 passengers in the beetle (not including the driver).

Vehicle Breakdowns

  • Paddington, Yogi and Boo Boo are all very well-maintained vehicles, serviced every 3000 miles and with a thorough inspection carried out before each hire. However due to their age we cannot accept responsibility for mechanical, electrical or other types of breakdowns. In the unlikely event of a breakdown Logybear Campervan Hire will make every effort to make the required repairs to get you to the church on time. All vehicles are covered by RAC.
  • If a vehicle was to breakdown en-route to the Ceremony we will give a full refund on that vehicle – limited to the value of that booking.
  • If a vehicle was to breakdown after the Ceremony no refund will be given although we will make every effort to ensure the party gets to their nal destination
  • If a vehicle has suffered damage prior to the hire date and is out of commission, Logybear Campervan Hire will notify the Hirer asap and offer an alternative mode of transport or a full refund will be given – limited to the value of that vehicle booking.
  • We would recommend obtaining your own wedding insurance


  • Logybear Campervan Hire has a strictly NO PETS policy in any of their vehicles


  • Logybear Campervan Hire requires the Hirer to send through a full itinerary of the day to include timings, full address and postcodes to ensure your journey goes smoothly

Undertakings of the Hirer

  • Bookings are only accepted on the understanding that the Hirer fully understands and accepts the above Terms and Conditions.

Download these terms and conditions, sign and return to Logybear Campervan Hire.