- Meet the Beetles! -

Boo Boo

Originally bought to be Yogi’s side kick, he came over from Michigan, USA to expand the Logybear team. He is a 1979 Triple White Karmann Beetle.

A limited edition that Volkswagen made in the final year of the Karmann and then shipped one out to each VW dealership in the US, so he’s kinda special! Boo Boo likes nothing more than getting his top down for those sunny days!


A 1972 love bug in the making. Herbie is seeing out 2017 in his “naked” form before becoming a full technicolor 53 style Herbie with bad boy engine to match.

He has a full length sunroof and loves nothing more than blaring his klaxon horn at unsuspecting wedding guests! You know…..just for the craic!


Another White convertible beetle...coming soon in 2018

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