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Welcome to the Logybear family! We are Mark and Michelle Logan and when deciding what to call the business Mark thought it was time to pass on his childhood nickname of “Logybear”……and so it began…..but no family is complete without a few baby bears and this is how the fleet came about!

We originally started off as an Adventure Hire business, with our campers chugging their way merrily around Ireland, taking in the sights, stopping off for a bite to eat and camping…….well pretty much anywhere.

However the wedding side of the business evolved and grew and we wanted to give our couples our full attention so our 3 Adventure Bears, Rupert, Pooh Bear and Baloo, packed up their belongings, waved goodbye and began the long journey of…………..well 5 miles away to their new company! So we still get to see them often.

Our fleet of Yogi, Boo Boo, Paddington, Fozzie Bear, Teddy, Herbie and our one and only frog, Kermit cant wait to see you ……….so lets go meet the rest of the Family!!

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